Vendors intervene on new Night Market plans

Chatuchak Market stall holders have contacted the Transport Ministry to try to end the SRT’s (State of the Railway Thailand) plans for a new night market through the weekend.

The proposed plan would see new vendors occupying space used during the weekend days by over 15,000 stalls creating instability and overlapping of store hours for the existing market.

The market is currently open on Wednesday and Thursday day, Friday evening and the weekend but changes could see more vendors going out of business due to the competitive nature of the new plan.

Chatree Soponbannarak, a representative for the Chatuchak Market vendors, lodged an official complaint at Government House and stated that the government should try and help the existing store holder at Chatuchak Weekend Market.

“What the SRT should do is further develop the potential for existing vendors to help them stay competitive. It should never have come up with this plan.”

Soponbannarak added, “The SRT has several land plots to choose from if it wants to operate a night market.”

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