Tips and FAQs2018-01-31T16:30:38+00:00

Tips and FAQs

When is Chatuchak Market open?2018-01-31T16:33:50+00:00

Chatuchak Market opening times:

Wednesday and Thursday (Plant section only) 7am-6pm
Friday (Wholesale only) 6pm-12pm
Saturday and Sunday (The whole market) 9am-6pm

Can I send my items directly home?2018-01-31T16:32:18+00:00

Various courier services are available at Chatuchak Market such as DHL, which will ship your items overseas. This service is not included in the price when you buy the item from the stalls.

Can I buy in bulk?2018-01-31T16:32:13+00:00

It depends on the stall owner, but in most cases, yes. A lot of the owners carry a limited number of certain products but it can be arranged so they can get more sent in for you to either pick up at the market or get sent to your address.

How long should I be there for?2018-01-31T16:32:09+00:00

The market is open for the majority of the day but it is recommended to allow half a day minimum to have a good look around Chatuchak. It takes at least 3 hours to briefly sweep around the market. For a deeper look it is advised you allow for 5 hours inside.

What should I wear?2018-01-31T16:32:04+00:00

Chatuchak Market is very big and requires a lot of walking in hot temperatures. It would be advised to wear comfortable walking shoes and light clothing that is suitable for the humid weather. Many Thais also frown upon tourists that do not cover themselves correctly. Men must not be topless and women must wear more than a bikini or swimwear.

When is the best time to go?2018-01-31T16:31:59+00:00

It is advised to go in the morning to Chatuchak Market. It gets very hot and busy in the mid-afternoon. You should allow the majority of the day to go to the market and leaving in the morning will allow you to relax as crowds of people start to enter around midday.

How should I barter?2018-01-31T16:31:55+00:00

Smiling and being polite is a good start to getting a deal. Don’t be scared to walk away if you are unsure with the price. You can shop around and see if you can get a better deal at another stall or you can always come back to renegotiate. Remember the stall section you are to avoid problems locating the stall.

Are prices negotiable?2018-01-31T16:31:50+00:00

Yes, unless it clearly states in the stall otherwise. Bartering is common across Thailand so remember to haggle for the best possible price.


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