The Plastic Problem in Thailand

Györgyi Gáti

The BBC has published an article highlighting the rising problem of plastics used within Thailand and other regions in South East Asia.

With everything seemingly wrapped or secured in plastic, Thailand reportedly uses over 70 billion plastic bags each year. This number is on the rise despite the growing concern about the impact of their oceans and wildlife. In recent weeks, a whale was washed up on a Thai beach with 80 plastic bags lodged inside its body.

How can you help with the problem?

  • Most stores including 7/11, will give you a plastic bag with every purchase and a straw with every drink. You can say that it is not needed if you are willing to just carry the items.
  • Supermarkets tend to double/triple bag your shopping when you pay. Only ask for one bag or you can bring your own bags if you so desire.
  • When shopping at Chatuchak Market it is advisable to take a bag to shop with over the day as you can save on the distribution of plastic.

Click Here for the BBC’s coverage of this story.

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Picture Credit: Györgyi Gáti- Flickr