GrabTaxi is coming to Chatuchak Market

With Chatuchak Market tourists growing in numbers every week, GrabTaxi is installing stands to ease congestion around the market.

There will be two main GrabTaxi ranks available to tourists from Gate 1 and Gate 3 market entrances. The State of Railway Thailand (SRT) and the taxi company have devised this idea under their new campaign ‘Visiting Chatuchak- Better use Grab’.

Grab is a Singapore-based technology company that offer ride-hailing, ride-sharing and food delivery services. It is a similar operation as Uber and is used by many South-East Asian countries such as Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia. Grab integrates their app that is downloaded by customers to use their service.

The ranks will be available at the market soon but a commencing date has yet to be decided. For more information on this, head over to The Nation.

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Image Credit- Cnet