Chatuchak Market to provide free Wifi

Mlabs Systems have teamed up with Chatuchak Market to provide easy access Wi-fi for guests and store holders at the market. 

The operation began in 2016 when Mlabs signed a five-year concession with the owners of the market, the State of the Railway Thailand to provide Wi-fi. An Internet service is now available at the market but with additional funding, shoppers will be able to video chat and live stream events to all around the World.  

Mlabs Systems are a Malaysian based tech company who specialise in Multimedia Conferencing systems (MCS) around the World. Since 1997, they have invested over $8 million in MCS research and development. 

Mlabs director, Professor Sureswaran Ramadass, stated that there has been significant funding into the project but would be open to the idea of reinvestment if required. 

“The amount that we are initially going to put in (for this project) is up to a maximum of RM800,000. It includes all hardware, software, expertise and later, if we require additional funds, we will look into it,” 

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