Chatuchak Market in 2017

Chatuchak Market

Since the 1980’s Chatuchak Market has grown from a small city marketplace to the largest weekend market in the World. But what does JJ Market look like now? 

Chatuchak Market now has over 15,000 stalls over 25 acres of land in the Chatuchak region. It is situated next to Chatuchak Park and JJ Green Market. With 26 different sections of the market, it has expanded substantially since its arrival nearly 40 years ago. The market now welcomes over 200,000 people each week showing that business is still booming in Chatuchak! 

Due to popular demand, Chatuchak Market is now open five days of the week. The Flower Market opens up sections of the market on Wednesday and Thursday while JJ Market also opens its doors up to Wholesale buyers on Friday night to get the best deals around.  

But the Bangkok Weekend Market could yet grow in size furthermore. With future plans already in order to build two hotels on the site for visitors to stay, the market could be busier than ever.  This would allow guests easy walk-in access to all their favourite Chatuchak shops. For more information on this head to our Visitors Guide now. 

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