Did you know that Chatuchak Market is on TripAdvisor? Well, people from around the World have been having their say on the World’s largest Weekend Market.

With over 11,000 reviews, JJ Market is ranked as one of Bangkok’s premier tourists attractions. Visitors on TripAdvisor have been leaving their comments and photos of which have been mainly positive. Here’s a few we’ve picked out:

MustTriHarder66 says : “We went here on our second day in Bangkok and it was a bit of an eye opener, not the market so much but the fish market which was not a market selling fish to eat but selling them to keep as pets. The market is vast and you could spend several weekends looking around although there is a lot of the same thing for sale. Clothes are much cheaper here than anywhere else in Bangkok and with a bit of bartering you will walk away with a great deal. Whatever you want you will find it here if you look hard enough. Plenty of places and loads of variety. A must see if in Bangkok.”

James P says: “Chatuchak or JJ as it is more known locally is one of the largest markets in the world and truly what everyone should spend one day in the weekend doing! It is huge. And you’ll find pretty much everything here. Prices are still low and reasonable. There’s a few massage places tucked away inside the market too. Just a cool place to hang out on! Easy to access, either skytrain to end station Mo Chit or subway. Both stop just beside the market.”

Jozi_Traveller says: “Go early! This market gets super busy and super hot. If you enjoy meandering through alley ways, you’ll love this market. They have an array of vintage clothes, knock offs and authentic Thai pieces. The food market is also fabulous and caters to a wide range of tastes.”

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