How to speak basic Thai 3

If you want to learn the basics head over to our previous posts, How to speak basic Thai and How to speak basic Thai 2. 

We have a third list of phrases for people to try when out in Thailand. We have included a variety of phrases which will help you with general conversation, shopping and in emergencies.  

(M): Male term 

(F): Female term  

My name is- Pŏm (M)/ Chán chu (F). 

What country are you from?- Kun maa jak prateet arai? 

Do you use the metre?- Chai meter mai 

Go straight- Dtrong bpai 

Go left- Leo sai 

Go right- Leo kwaa 

Stop- Yut 

Would you take …?- khun rap … mai 

Very expensive- Paang mak 

I want this one- Ao anni 

Hurts- Jep 

I need a doctor- Phom dong gan hai mor maa raak sa khrup (M)/ka (F) 

Where is the hospital?- Rongpayaabaan yoo tee nai? 

Call an ambulance- Dahm rot pa-ya-bahn 

If you want to go beyond phrases in Thai, we suggest that Thai lessons would be beneficial. Ideally, learning a new language should be done with a teacher so looking out for Thai lessons near you would be the best option. You can also learn online through Rosetta Stone or Pimsleur.  

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