Chatuchak Market at Christmas and New Year 2018

Chatuchak Christmas and New Year 2018

With Christmas just around the corner and we are pleased to reveal that Chatuchak Market is open over the Christmas and the 2018 New Year period as usual. 

The Opening Times will be the same as a regular weekend which is as follows: 

20th/27th December 2017 Wednesday and 21st/28th December 2017 Thursday 7am-6pm (Plant section only) 

22nd/29th December 2017 Friday 6pm-12pm (Wholesale only) 

23rd/30th December 2017 Saturday and 24th/31st December 2017 Sunday 9am-6pm (Whole Market open) 

So, if you are in Bangkok and looking to grab some bargains just before Christmas, head down to the market for the full display of shopping. For more on the Market itself, go to our Blog that has all the essential information you need. 

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