Luggage Allowance to and from Thailand

Luggage Allowance Thailand

If you’re heading to Chatuchak Market for the first time, you will be on a bargain hunt. But how much luggage are you able to take with you back home?

The simple answer is that all airlines are different and all have varying rules on how much baggage you can take with you. Allowances can be up to 30 kgs free or can even be an additional fee for a bag of 15kg.

It is always best to check with your airline before you travel because additional fees will incur if you turn up to the airport with over the allowance. Also, remember to weigh your bag before heading to the airport. If can take cabin and hand luggage, you will be able to balance out the weight in both bags if necessary.

All major airlines will have information on their baggage allowance rules online. It is best to Google your airline individually to find out the exact allowance but click here for a small guide by Skyscanner.

Also remember if you’re in need of a suitcase, you can find them in various sections within Chatuchak Market!

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Photo Credit: Sean MacEntee – Flickr