Songkran at Chatuchak Market 2018

Songkran Guide to Chatuchak

For tourists travelling over to Thailand over the 13th-15th April, visitors should be aware that the Songkran water festival will take place and there are a few things they must be aware of.

Songkran is the ‘Thai New Year celebration’ which is celebrated throughout Bangkok. Many Thais splash water over each other to celebrate this holiday as the water symbolises washing away bad luck. But this can be a problem for tourists wife they are unaware of the holiday.

Chatuchak Market will be open as usual over the festival period so here are our tips for staying safe during Songkran.

Prepare to get wet

It is almost certain that you will get wet during the celebrations so wear appropriate clothing for the holiday weekend. Shorts and a T-shirt will be adequate and should dry much faster than jeans and long sleeved tops in the sweltering Bangkok heat.

Songkran Guide to Chatuchak 2

Flickr- John Shedrick

Protect your valuables 

If you are taking cameras, phones or any other electronic devices out onto the street, make sure you protect them. A small plastic bag to wrap up your items will be sufficient but not doing this could be a costly mistake. We also recommend that wallets or purses should be kept dry to avoid damage!

Songkran Guide to Chatuchak 3

Flickr- James Antrobus

Avoid motorbikes

Did you know that Thailand has the second-highest fatality rate from road accidents in the World? This rate doubles during Songkran. Motorbikes are a common way to get around in Thailand but try to steer away from them during the festive season. If water is thrown on you or the driver this could easily instigate a crash and that’s a problem you want to avoid on your holiday. Taxis or Skytrain are the best modes of transport during Songkran.

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Flickr- Madeleine Deaton

Chatuchak Weekend Market is open as normal during Songkran but you should remain dry while visiting but please take the advised precautions just to be safe during Songkran. If you have further question or queries, don’t hesitate to email us at

Main Photo Credit: Flickr- Mohd Faisal Md Moor