Respecting Buddha

Respecting Buddha

When in Thailand or any country for that matter, it is important to respect their faiths and beliefs. This short guide will give you all the information you need to respect the Buddhist culture while on holiday in Thailand.

Buddha is commonly referred to as the ‘Enlightened One’ and the core of Buddha’s teachings are to refrain from all sins, do good deeds and purify your mind. Buddha’s image is always peaceful and calm due to his absence of anger, hatred, craving and aversion in his mind.

How to respect Buddha 

Buddha taught Buddhists not to make statues or images of him to worship. He instead wanted his followers to have no attachments to anything especially him but only through his teachings. As time went on, Buddha statues have become an integral part of the Buddhist religion to serve as a reminder of compassion and kindness which are resembled in his teachings.

Here’s a list of how to be respectful towards Buddhists and Buddha:

  • Don’t denounce the image of Buddha.
  • Do not put the image of Buddha in disrespectful places. Keep off cleaning items, shoes, toys, garments and furniture. This is seen to be an insult to all Buddhists.
  • Refrain from getting Buddha tattoos in any form.
  • Do not impersonate or joke about Buddha statues; especially in places of worship. Using Buddha’s name in merchandise or company names is also considered highly offensive towards the Buddhist religion.

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