Books at Chatuchak Market

Books at Chatuchak Market

Chatuchak Market is filled with many weird and wonderful things. But for people looking for compelling literature, there are plenty of book shops within Bangkok’s largest market.

Although book stalls can be hard to come across inside Chatuchak Market, there are stalls selling hundreds of books. The stalls have books in many languages from around the world and many are very cheap as they are pre-owned. The range of books is vastly ranging from the latest number one best-seller to 100-year-old ancient history, the stalls will surprise you with the depth of their literature. If you are looking for translation books there are plenty there, so you are able to brush up on your Thai while venturing through the stalls!

Western and Asian classics are readily available and, if you want something, in particular, ask the stall holder if they have it. If they don’t, they may be able to point you to the right stall that sells the book you’re after. Should you feel there may be a language barrier, write down the name so you get exactly what you want.

The book stalls also sell stationery, so if you’re looking for a new notebook or diary, you should be able to find something quite unique. Some stalls will also sell stationery in bulk so getting personalised office materials for a company can be sent back to your home address or workplace.

The Bookstalls can be found in Section One so be sure to check it out during your journey through JJ Market!

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