Nature Decoration

Nature Decoration Chatuchak Market

For taxidermy enthusiasts, Chatuchak Market’s Nature Decoration is a must see. Here is all you need to know about JJ Market’s best taxidermists.

What is Nature Decoration? 

Nature Decoration specialises in home décor taxidermy. There are hundreds of interesting pieces for sale from framed butterflies to a life-sized zebra ready to take back home! From reptiles, mammals, insects and birds, Nature Decoration is the perfect place to grab a featured centrepiece for your home or workplace.

Nature Decoration Chatuchak Market 2

Pricing for a taxidermy product can be expensive especially if you want to purchase a large item. Expect to pay over 400 Baht for a small framed item and you will need to go to the store and inquire about pricing of larger pieces. Shipping these items is also something customers must consider. Check out our guide to sending purchases home from Bangkok Market but also please check with the appropriate customs agency for the final destination of the product.

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Where is Nature Decoration? 

Nature Decoration can be found Room 137, Soi 2 in Section 2 of Chatuchak Market.

For more information on Nature Decoration, you can contact them directly via email:

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Photo Credits: Facebook- Nature Decoration