Inside Chatuchak: Karakoram

Karakoram Chatuchak Market

Looking for vintage clothing while on your travels? Why not check out Chatuchak Market’s Karakoram for your next purchase!

What is Karakoram? 

Karakoram specialises in second-hand clothing ranging back to the 60’s. The stall sells a variety of products from old-school denim jeans to military style jackets and boots. Tucked just inside Section 5, Karakoram is a big hit with visitors to JJ Market and their vintage clothing is always in high demand.

How expensive is it? 

As one of the premiere vintage shops in the Bangkok Market, Karakoram has a mixture of cheap and luxurious items. A Demin jacket can cost around 3500 Baht which is a premium price for Chatuchak Market. However, you are able to grab some bargains as well which include various accessories for under 1000 Baht.

Karakoram Jacket Chatuchak

Where is Karakoram? 

You can find Karakoram at Section 5, Soi 1 which is situated near Gate 3. If you need further directions check out our downloadable map to make your way around!

You can contact Karakoram directly through their Facebook here.

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Photo Credit: Facebook- Karakoramshop