Chatuchak Market Map

Chatuchak market map

Chatuchak Market seems like an endless supply of shops so it can be hard to navigate yourself around. Fortunately, we have a map to help you on your shopping adventures.

The market is split up into 26 sections ranging a wide range of products to shop from. Many sections host a particular selection of shopping that tourists are free to roam around. There is a full list of the sections on the front page and they are split up into different areas (Example: Art- Section 7). Within these sections, there are many ‘Sois’ which is the Thai word for ‘Roads’ This makes it easier to find out where you are over the 35 acres of the market.

On the weekend this place is fully open so you can easily get lost. If you want to know your way around with ease we advise you print off a map we have on our homepage which is downloadable to any device. If you lose yourself on the map while you are there, it is always handy to have a printout so a store holder can point you in the right direction! If you need help getting to the market via Sky train, there is also a map on our website too.