Getting to Chatuchak Market by BTS

Get to Chatuchak Market by BTS

For many visitors exploring Bangkok’s BTS (Bangkok Mass Transit System), it can be a challenging new experience but we thought we would give you a little hand on how easy it is to use!

Getting to Chatuchak Market via BTS is simple and works like many metro systems around the World. A single stop will cost you 15 Baht and 5 Baht per additional stop which makes it one of the most cost-effective ways to get around. There are three different fare options to choose from:

One-Day Pass

This is the most simplistic and ideal pass for tourists. Simply go to the ticket counter or machine and enter in 120 Baht. This will give you unlimited travel for a single day and is perfect for hopping on and off to see some of Bangkok’s finest attractions.

Rabbit Card

For those looking to spend a few days travelling around Bangkok, why not grab a Rabbit card? A Rabbit card work similar to a pay as you go card but it will save you getting a one-day pass every single day. Just top it up and off you go.

30-Day pass

If you want to take the BTS everywhere then grab a 30-Day pass for your entire trip in Bangkok. Prices range from 450-1250 Baht depending on how much you travel but it works out far cheaper than catching taxis and tuk-tuks everywhere!

For people wanting to head to Chatuchak Weekend Market, you can get off at Mo Chit BTS station (N8) which is on the Sukhumvit Line. For more on the BTS prices click here!