Chatuchak Park

Chatuchak Park

Looking to take some time away from the market? Well, Chatuchak Park may be the peaceful location you are looking for to get avoid the hustle and bustle of the weekend market.

Opening in 1980, Chatuchak Park is one of the oldest public parks in Bangkok. The land was given to H.M King Bhumibol Adulyadej from the State Railway of Thailand who decided to build a park for the local residents. This park was also designed to enhance the urban area in Chatuchak as well as give people a park to enjoy in peace.

When is Chatuchak Park open?

The park is open daily from 4:30 am – 9:30 pm
Entry into the park is free

What is there to do in the Park?

Train Museum

The Chatuchak Park Train museum is the Hall of Fame for Thai train history. The museum boasts historical artefacts dating back to 1875, the inception of the Thai Railway industry. These trains gave the Thai people their first experience to travel between many major cities around Thailand so it’s a must-see sight for any history fans heading to Bangkok!

Bangkok Butterfly Garden

The butterfly garden is a hidden gem inside Chatuchak Park. The garden has many different species of the butterfly but you must be quiet and to get the full experience. If you get bored of shopping, this is a great place to hide out for a couple of hours.

Clock Tower

Donated by the Lions Club International, Chatuchak Park boasts a clock tower in the centre of the park. The tower is surrounded by a beautiful botanical garden which is worth having a visit and taking a few photos. The tower overlooks the whole of the park and the market so swing by and take a look.

Chatuchak Park Clock Tower

Youth Traffic Garden

Kids can enjoy their time in the sun with the Youth Traffic Garden. There are plenty of trees and plants to keep your children engaged and is a great learning experience in Asian wildlife. This is a perfect place to take a breather from the market if you have small kids!

Thai Literature Garden

The Thai Literature garden is another quiet feature inside this serene park. Engage with Thailand’s rich literature inside this beautiful garden which is tucked away from the noisy streets of Bangkok. Take a book down and relax as you soak in the atmosphere of one of Thailand’s beautiful public parks.

Chatuchak Park Garden

Herb Garden

Based in the north of the park, the Herb Garden is another interesting attraction for gardening fans. With plenty of oriental smells, tourists should come along to find out which Asian herbs they like and potentially could grow at home!

Fish Watching Bridge

The Fish Watching Bridge is a popular sight inside Chatuchak Park. The wooden bridge is situated opposite Mo Chit BTS station and is a hit with young and old visitors. You can buy fish food for under 100 Baht just outside the park so you can get involved in the action!

Chatuchak Park Bridge

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