Inside Chatuchak: Guate Leather

Guate Leather

Many visitors to Chatuchak will be bombarded with stalls selling cheap low-grade leather products. But Guate Leather should be first on your list when looking for quality leather at the market.

What is Guate Leather?

Guate Leather is a high-quality leather shop inside Chatuchak Market. They sell a huge variety of products such as tote bags, passport holders, wallets, purses, backpacks and so much more. All of the items are all handmade and normally you can get a sneak peak of the craftsmen at work. Due to their handmade style, Guate leather is in high demand but if you can grab a unique piece, it is money well spent!

How expensive is Guate Leather?

With quality comes at a price. But Guate Leather still gives a fair price for their items. If you are looking for something small such as a keyring, expect to pay 250-400 Baht or if you are looking for a backpack you can spend upwards of 4,000 Baht. But if you compare it to many high-street brands, for the quality and uniqueness of the products we still think it’s a bargain!

How do I get to Guate Leather?

Like most successful shops at Chatuchak Market, Guate has now branched out. The original shop still remains in Chatuchak but they have opened a shop within Terminal 21 and Zen Department Store in Bangkok. The details are:

Chatuchak Market

Section 23, Soi 33

Terminal 21

Asoke Station, 3rd Floor- Istanbul

Zen Department Store @ Central World

2nd Floor

For more information on Guate Leather, head over to their Facebook page here.

Photo Credit: Guate Leather- Facebook