Inside Chatuchak: DIY by Panida

DIY by Panida

Chatuchak Market is renowned for it’s new and innovative style, DIY by Panida is one of the new hotspots for women’s clothing within the market.

What is DIY by Panida?

DIY by Panida is an upcycling designer clothing store in Chatuchak Market. The brand was created by Panida Johnson throughout her high school and college education and opened up her first store at Chatuchak Market in 2004. Since then, she has been featured in numerous global fashion publications and sells her clothing not only in Chatuchak but in Belgium, USA and Hong Kong. In 2013, she started up her website to make her designer products available to people worldwide.

What clothing does it sell?

It is a typical women’s designer shop with tops, bottoms, outerwear and all-in-one all available to buy in the store. Johnson uses ‘Upcycling’ in her clothing in which she takes old materials and reuses them in new garments. This has proved incredibly popular and has people coming back for more. For people who really want to be unique, you can also buy a wide range of ‘One-Offs’ from the website to make sure you are on of a kind. The style is very striking but come in a bold range of colours for you to look trendy on the high street!

How expensive is it?

DIY by Panida is expensive to many people but you are paying for quality and originality. One-offs can be generally bought for 7000 Baht and tops and other garments can be cheaper. Johnson stresses that if you buy her clothing from other stalls in the market, it has a good chance of being fake. So if you want real DIY by Panida items you will have to buy online or in store.

Where can I find her shop?

DIY by Panida is in Section 3, Soi 44, Room No. 160 44/1

Her opening hours are 11am-7pm only on Saturday and Sunday

You can click here to view her website.