How to speak basic Thai 2

This is the second article we have created on speaking basic Thai so if you need to catch up on the first one click here.

Here is our second list of need-to-know words to get you around Thailand:

(M): Male term

(F): Female term

My name is – Chan chuue

Wait a moment please – Ror sak cruu khrup (M) / ka (F)

What is this? – Nee ku arai khrup (M) / ka (F)

I don’t understand – Phom/chan Mai kao jai khrup (M) / ka (F)

Do you understand? – Khao jai mai?

Please speak slowly – Ga ru na phuut cha cha khrup (M) / ka (F)

Pleased to meet you – Yin dee tee dai roo juk koon

I need help, please – choo ay noy khrup (M) / ka (F)

I’m fine, thanks! – Sa bai dee, kob kun

Do You Speak Thai? – Kun pood pa sa thai dai mai

What’s your name? – Kun cheu a rai

My Thai is bad – Phom mai koay khang reang (M) / Pa sa thai khaong chan (F)

I need to practice my Thai – Phom (M) / Chan (F) Yak fik pa sa thai

I am hungry – Phom (M) / Chan (F) heeu kao

1 – Neung
2 – Song
3 – Sam
4 – Si
5 – Ha
6 – Hok
7 – Chet
8 – Pet
9 – Kao
10 – Sip

If you need additional help, watch the video below to get a better understanding of Thai. Happy learning!