Inside Chatuchak: Coco JJ

Coco JJ is one of the most famous stalls inside Chatuchak Market. Since 2008, they have been hugely popular with tourists and locals alike.

What is Coco JJ?

Coco JJ is a coconut ice cream stall that has everyone coming back for more. For just 40 Baht, you can get a fresh scoop of their ice cream which is a perfect refresher during a hard day of shopping. There are four different flavours:

  • Coconut
  • Durian (A native south-east Asian fruit)
  • Cendol Pandan (Coconut and rice flour)
  • Thai Milk Tea

You can also get an extra scoop for 20 Baht if one scoop if you can’t get enough!

If you want an extra kick with your ice cream then fear not, Coco JJ has you covered with nine different toppings which include peanuts, palm seeds, corn, coco jelly, red beans, barley, pumpkin, mung beans and sticky rice. For two toppings it costs 20 Baht but for additional toppings, it’s 5 Baht each.

What else does Coco JJ do?

Well alongside the tasty ice cream, you can quench your thirst with their revitalising coconut milk. You receive a complimentary cup when you order an ice cream but if that isn’t enough you can buy a bottle for 20 Baht or a whole coconut for 40 Baht. Their coconut milk is fresh and combined with their coconut ice cream is an authentic taste of Thai desserts.

Where can I find it?

Coco JJ is located in Section 1 at Soi 36 near Exit 2 Kamphaeng Phet MRT Station

For more on Coco JJ head to their Facebook or #CocoJJ in Instagram.