Inside Chatuchak: Viva 8

Viva 8

Looking for delicious food, good music and a relaxing bar? Chatuchak Market’s Viva 8 may be the place for you.

What is Viva 8?

Viva 8 is a unique bar in section 8 of Chatuchak Market. It is hard to miss with the blaring party tunes which grabs a lot of attention from tourists. This is bar is a worthwhile stop on your tour of Chatuchak Market as the mood is upbeat and makes you want to hit the dance floor!

Viva 8’s signature dish is paella which is made by their eccentric Spanish chef, Fernando Andres Yusta, who really steals the show. His flamboyant personality reels in patrons and curious onlookers while cooking in Bangkok’s largest Paella pan. He is not afraid to playfully throw green beans at customers to bring a smile to people’s faces and he is always there for a photo. His motto is “A smile needs no words” which is rather fitting in the atmosphere he creates. The paella is 160 Baht for a big serving which is rather expensive for the market but you won’t be disappointed as it’s Spanish cuisine at it’s finest.

What is the bar area like?

The bar is fairly small like most stalls at Chatuchak Market but there are still plenty of spaces to sit down and have a drink. The beers are reasonably priced but the music is what brings people in. There is a DJ playing music every weekend without fail and the beats range from old school classics to the latest electro tunes. If you want to have a sneak peak of their music, listen to their Mix Cloud account here.

Where is it?

Viva 8 is stall 371 in section 8 inside Chatuchak Market. For more on Viva 8, go to their Facebook page.