Art at Chatuchak

Art at Chatuchak

Known as one of the best places in Bangkok to purchase original artwork, Chatuchak’s art and painting section is home to many small booths and galleries owned by local artists.

With traditional Buddhist images, pop art; a new meaning to the word ‘abstract’ and just about everything else in between, the artwork on offer caters for everyone. Section 7 offers tiny sculptures, large wall paintings and hundreds of items in between.

There are many very talented artists in Section 7 of the market, most of whom are also happy to work on commissions, painting or creating exactly what you want. This won’t cost you much more than an existing piece of work either.

Many of the artists have been there for decades so they can be in high demand but they reliable to get the individual art pieces done even if you commission the piece after your visit.

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The Bangkok Market is also home to several shipping services, so if the item is too big to carry in your suitcase, there is a hassle-free way of having the item shipped back home.