Buying Ivory in Thailand

Buying ivory in Thailand

With latest reports suggesting that elephants could be extinct within 12 years, it is now illegal to buy Ivory products in Thailand.

Thailand has taken a strong approach to banning products made from endangered animals and this step is a recent development. Taking Ivory products outside of Thailand can now result in a fine, imprisonment or both.

In 2016, the WWF combined with over 1.3 million Thais to come together and spread the message of illegal trade of ivory. By 2018, WWF aims to stop the illegal trade of ivory within Thailand, have 100% awareness from Thai residents that elephants are brutally killed for their ivory and a 50% less demand for Ivory within Thailand.

Buying ivory in Thailand 2

We encourage all visitors to JJ Market to avoid buying ivory products as this is illegal and you may be prosecuted. We urge people to also report any illegal wildlife trade that may happen inside the Bangkok Market.

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Photo Credit: Flickr- Neil Ransom