Food at Chatuchak Market

Food at Chatuchak Market

Fancy something to eat? Well, Chatuchak Market has a vast array of cuisines ready for you. The food court can be found towards the back of JJ Market in Section 3 and has a blend of South-East Asian, Western and vegetarian options ready for you to take on your journey or to sit down and enjoy. The majority of the food in the food court is very cheap and only costs approximately 300 Baht to fill yourself up. There is also plenty of seating in the area so you can take a break from shopping.

Eating is a big experience within JJ Market as there is so much to try. There are stalls not only in Section 3 but all around the market waiting to serve you while you march around the shops. Whether you fancy a full serving of Spanish paella at Viva 8, A sweet garlic bread stick from Hello Garlic or a refreshing authentic coconut ice-cream from Coco JJ, the market has you covered.

Food at Chatuchak Market 2

If you don’t feel hungry, then enjoy a quiet refreshing drink in any one of the Bangkok Market’s smoothie bars that serve fresh fruit all day long. Beer and other alcoholic beverages are also widely available within this vicinity. This is a perfect time to get out of the sun and sit in the shade to take full advantage of the food court.

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