Jewellery at Chatuchak Market

Sections 23 and 24 are occupied by jewellery stalls that range from antique rings to fashionable necklaces. Unlike many of the normal souvenirs, Jewellery can range from 100 Baht to 10,000 Baht depending on the product. Inside the jewellery section you will find some stalls that sell unique items that have been handcrafted locally, these items can be very cheap and stylish!

Chatuchak Market is the perfect place to find new jewellery for a fair price. If you are looking to buy multiple items in bulk, store holders may give you a discounted price if you buy a bulk amount. If this is the case, you should try and haggle to get the most for your money!

Many store holders will sell fake items so if you are after an original copy, it is advised you should go to a known retailer.

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