Inside Chatuchak: Hello Garlic

Hello Garlic

Most tourists would have had garlic bread with classic Italian dishes but Hello Garlic is the new craze sweeping through Chatuchak Market.

What is Hello Garlic?

Hello Garlic takes a simple idea of selling garlic bread but gives it a twist. The bread is flavoured like a dessert instead of a side dish. Interesting right? Well, a lot of people agree as it has been very popular since their 2013 grand opening! There are six different flavours to choose from:

Garlic Butter
Sugar Butter
Sweetened Milk
Strawberry Jam
Pizza Sauce

With its positive reviews and variety of options, Hello Garlic is a perfect example of the unique food you can find at Chatuchak Market.

How expensive is it?

The Garlic bread is cooked and served on sticks. A stick costs 20 Baht (£0.50) or you can buy three sticks for 50 Baht (£1). This is good value as if you’re looking for a quick snack, one stick is plenty to feast on.

Where can I find Hello Garlic?

Hello Garlic can be found at the entrance of Section 2 by Kamphaeng Phet MRT station. It is open from 9am-7pm every weekend so be sure to swing by on your visit to Chatuchak Market.

For more information on Hello Garlic, head to their Facebook page here.

Photo Credit: Facebook- AB ebay Change Your Life