Wholesale Fridays at Chatuchak Market

Wholesale Fridays at Chatuchak market

Due to the frequent emails requesting more information, we have decided to add a small guide to help visitors on the Friday adventures at Chatuchak Market.

Firstly, ‘Wholesale’ means that vendors are looking to sell predominantly in bulk. Bulk orders can range from anything above five of any particular item. They will give a bigger discount if you buy more items but be sure to barter to get the best deal you can. Also, note that many of the vendors don’t directly stock all of the items with them in the stall so they may have to process your order through the factories that produce the products. For more on shipping your items home, click here.

The market is open from 6pm-12am (Midnight). It’s a perfect time to go to Chatuchak Market if you are looking to avoid the heat. There is some restricted access to the whole market but you can find the best deals. There are five sections that are open to almost full capacity with the addition of the food court and some shopping stalls along the main walkway.

If you have any more questions or queries about the market, we are here to help! Email info@chatuchakmarket.org.