Flying to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi and Bangkok Don Muang

Flying to Bangkok

So you’re thinking about making the big trip to Thailand? Well, we have you covered to find you the best deal to come and visit Chatuchak Weekend Market in person!

To find the best deal online, we highly suggest you use Skyscanner or Kayak to personalise your trip. Their easy-to-use website can navigate you to a bargain in no time at all. To give you a general idea of how much it is to fly to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi or Bangkok Don Muang, we have hand-picked departure locations from around the World.

London to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi– 24/2/17-15/3/17 £337 GBP China Southern

Flying from London to Bangkok is cheap if you take into account the 13 hour flight time. But if you want budget flights, be prepared to stopover on your way. Typically, the cheapest airlines such as Air China, Jet Airways and China Southern stop within Asia but keep a close eye on how long your stopover is. No one wants to be stuck in an airport for 10+ hours so be aware before you book.

If you see flights for around £300, we suggest you take them as it’s unlikely they will drop further.

New York to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi– 1/4/17-14/4/17 $775 USD Cathay Airways

There are no direct flights from New York to Bangkok so finding a quick stopover is key as you will be spending 20 hours in the air. Flights loiter around the $775 mark from JFK which is very reasonable considering the long flight. Etihad and Cathay Airways are the cheapest airlines and they stop in Abu Dhabi or Hong Kong. The flight we have selected stops in Hong Kong and has a small 2-hour stop each way.

Sydney to Bangkok Don Muang– 2/8/17-11/8/17 $388 AUD Air Asia

For all those down under, there are several good deals for travelling to Bangkok Don Muang. We have selected Sydney as an example but the prices are fairly similar all across Australia. Air Asia is the airline you should fly with if you are on a budget. With multiple flights for under $400, why would you not fly with them? For those looking to escape the Australian winter, head over for 9 days in August on the flight we have suggested!

Singapore to Bangkok Don Muang– 19/7/17-4/8/17 $127 SGD Scoot

Looking for a short break away from work? Look no further than Bangkok. Fly from Singapore Changi to Don Muang for $127 direct with Scoot. Who wants to spend a night on a sleeper train when you can get 2-hour flights for this price? Exactly.

So there you have it, our tips for flying into Bangkok. Looking for a hotel around Chatuchak Market? Click this link to find out more!

All searches took place on 8/2/2017 on Skyscanner. Please check with your Airline provider before booking flights.

Photo Credit: Flickr- Max Pfandl