The differences between Market and Retail shopping

Differences between market and retail shopping

In modern Western society, it is the social norm to go shopping at big complexes with high street stores with World renowned labels. But in South-East Asia, finding the best bargains come in Market shopping.

How does Market shopping differ?

All markets have a similar infrastructure much like the set up at Chatuchak Market. Vendors hire out their shops to sell their goods whether it be branded items or handicrafts. To compete with the big superstores, vendors will offer charge a cheaper rate which is where you can get the better deal. It is also common for people to barter when buying an item so the buyer and vendor can agree on a fair price. If you are worried about the legitimacy of the product, ask the vendor or try and find the obvious signs that the product is fake.

What is the atmosphere like?

Markets can be very crowded in comparison to shopping complexes. Locals and tourists mingle together in the markets which means there can thousands of people in a condensed area. The stalls are small but vendors will maximise their space unlike many top brands in malls. There are over 15,000 stalls at Chatuchak Market so be prepared to do a lot of hunting to find the perfect item!

Is it cheap?

Generally, Markets are the best place to go for a bargain. Their prices are always enticing and it would be hard to find the same deal in a big superstore. For example, many locals prefer to go to markets for food as they know the produce is fresh and cheaper than the bigger shops. But remember to barter at these stalls to get the best possible price.

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