Weather in Bangkok

It is well-known that Thailand is famous for its hot weather which makes it a perfect sunny getaway for tourists around the World. But when is the best time to go to Bangkok? When is the Monsoon season? When is it humid? All will be revealed.


Thailand has a Tropical Savanna climate according to the Köppen climate classification. This means that the temperature is consistently hot all year round. Typically, the hottest months are March to August with average temperatures of 30°c. The heat can peak at around 40°c throughout this period which can make it too hot for doing long activities in direct sunlight.

From September to February, the weather gets slightly cooler. January and December are the colder months in the year as the average drops to 26°c. This isn’t too much of a drop in the heat but during these months it is possible to get cooler days unlike in the other 10 months of the year.

Monsoon season

With consistent hot weather comes outbreaks of heavy rain due to the high humidity. This is called Monsoon season and the downpours can be extremely heavy. The rain doesn’t usually last more than an hour or two each day but it can stop you from doing anything during that time as many locals and tourists look for shelter until it passes.

August and September produce the most rain in Bangkok. These months have over 20 days of rain each which could be unwelcome news for tourists looking for a sunny holiday. As mentioned before, the sun will be hotter when it is out but it will be considerably wetter than November to February which experiences under three days of rain each month.


Humidity is always consistently high in Tropical climates so expect Bangkok to be no different. It has an average relative humidity of 73% over the year but because of the Monsoon season that is at its peak in August and September, it can be more humid than usual.

December and January are the driest and therefore the least humid months to travel to Thailand.

Although it is consistently hot in Thailand, the weather can change sufficiently over the year. If you are planning on booking a trip to Bangkok, try to miss the Monsoon season from August to October as it can get too wet and humid. Instead opt for December to February when it is mainly hot, dry and less humid so you can enjoy the full extent of the Thai culture.