Top 5 Things to Do at Chatuchak Market

When it comes to a market that holds over 15,000 stalls, with an extraordinary collection of novelties, from handwoven bags and wood carvings to pet accessories and everything in between, it can be difficult to know where to start. Before you know it the day will have passed and you’ve only scraped the surface of what this Thai hotspot has to offer. Here are our top things to do in Chatuchak Weekend Market.

Visit the artists in Section 7

This is a hidden gem that unveils the raw talents of the local Thai artists. Here you can immerse yourself in the beauty of original artworks including; sculptures, painting, handmade jewellery, and innovative takes on household accessories. Make the most of this experience and take some time to talk with the creators themselves.

Cocktails and big paella at Viva 8

It shouldn’t be hard to spot this food stall with the bustling crowd surrounding Chef Fernando, who doesn’t fail to disappoint with his entertaining paella prep and culinary dance combo. Accompanied by the rhythmic beats of deep house music, bar Viva 8 mixes a mighty cocktail or will serve up a refreshing beer. If you can grab a seat, enjoy a drink and a plate of paella and soak in the atmosphere.

Foot massage & frozen orange

Take time out from roaming the market to cool down and relax. Just outside Section 25, you can find friendly masseurs to revive your feet. First, we suggest you pick up a frozen orange juice from across the street in order to maximise your experience and indulge. Once you’ve recharged your batteries you can continue your walk around Chatuchak with a brand new skip in your step.

Grab a bite to eat in Section 7 or try the street food

There’s no shortage of food to be found in and around the market, everything from traditional Thai dishes such as grilled honey roast pork, noodle soups to sweeter dishes and desserts including coconut ice-cream, mango desserts, ice sticks and grass jelly. In section 7, just behind the artists’ area in a shaded corner, there are a couple of little-known restaurants serving tasty menus along with refreshing drinks.

Visit JJ Green Night Market

If you still have some stamina left after your day at Chatuchak Weekend Market, make sure you check out the locally known vintage market, located just behind Chatuchak Park. Also known as Siam Gypsy Market, this venue hosts a different atmosphere entirely. Browse or buy unique, retro and second-hand items and enjoy a few drinks or a bite to eat at the range of vendors and bars on offer.