Sundays at Chatuchak Market

Sundays at Chatuchak Market

Every Sunday, Chatuchak Weekend Market welcomes upwards of 100,000 people. The crowds can be big but we have now created a guide to getting the best out of Sundays at JJ Market.

Opening Times


The whole market is open

No admission fee

Our Tips

Go In The Morning

1 pm can be the worst time to arrive at Chatuchak Market. If you turn up hungry, the stalls are generally packed with people grabbing lunch and the temperature is reaching is peak which can put you off shopping before you have even started. So why not arrive at 10 am? You will have to drag yourself out of bed that little bit earlier but it will mean you can get a full day of shopping at the World’s largest weekend market. If you manage to stumble around to the food court at Section 3 at around 12 pm, you should get a table with relative ease and be able to enjoy your meal in peace.

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Take Your Time

Many shopaholics can go gung-ho at the stalls within the Bangkok Market and can leave you knackered before you’ve made it around a quarter of the marketplace. Remember it’s marathon, not a sprint so be sure to pace yourself on your visit. If you feel tired that’s normal, go and have a drink, have something to eat, go get a massage, Chatuchak Market has many alternatives to shopping so take full advantage of them!

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Protect Yourself

Not wearing sunscreen or a hat is a bad error to make on a day out in Thailand so make sure you take all the necessary precautions to be safe in the sun. If you forget sunscreen before you leave your hotel, go and buy some from a 7/11 or within the market itself as you will be spending a lot of time in direct sunlight.

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Go Deep

You came for bargains right? So go and get them. If you spend your time on the edge of the market your never going to get a great deal as they have plenty of visibility to all customers at Chatuchak Market. Get lost inside the market and explore its full range of products. You will be able to find a bargain within the depths of the market as sales can be harder for them. For more on bartering visit How to barter in Chatuchak Market.

Enjoy It

You’re on holiday so have fun at your time at the market. JJ Market is more than just tacky souvenir junk you find at many markets in Bangkok, this is your chance to really see anything and everything this wonderful city has to offer. Have a look at our individual sections on our map to get a feel of what you would like to see within the market and start from there!

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