Or Tor Kor Market named fourth in World’s Freshest Markets

Or Tor Kor Market

Or Tor Kor Market, situated opposite Chatuchak Weekend Market, has been named as the fourth freshest market in the World by CNN.

The farmers market was named on the exclusive for its wide range of spices and well-lit areas to buy seafood, sweets and pre-cooked items.

La Boqueria in Barcelona won the crown of the freshest market in front of Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market and New York’s Union Square Farmer’s Market.

A spokesman for Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha told the Nation that he was pleased with the recognition the market has received through this report and hopes the market will continue its hard work.

Or Tor Kor Market is open daily 6am-6pm and is located next to Chatuchak Market. Click here for our How to get there page!

Photo Credit: Photo Bucket