How to speak basic Thai

For many tourists, it can be hard to navigate your way around a place you have never been to before let alone in a different country. So for those planning to visit Thailand, here are a few phrases to get you by.

In Thai, there are masculine and feminine phrases much like Spanish and French. The key difference is men say Krup after certain phrases while women say Ka. This is important to know when speaking Thai and becomes clearer when you learn more.

The Basics:

Hello –  Sa-wa-dee Krup (For Men) Ka (Women)
Goodbye – La-Gorn-Krup/Ka
How are you? –  Sabai-dee-ru
How much? –  Tao-Lai?
Excuse me/Sorry –  Koh-Tohd Krup/Ka
Hotel – Rong-Ram
Airport – Sa-Nam-Bin
Bathroom – Hong-Nahm
Water – Nahm
Where is? – Yuu-Tee-Nai Krup/Ka
Taxi – Taeksi
Thank you – Kob-Khun Krup/Ka
Yes – Chai Krup/Ka
No – Mai-Chai Krup/Ka
Do you speak English? – Pood-Pa-Sa Ang-Krit Dai Mai?

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