Getting to Chatuchak Market by Taxi

Getting to Chatuchak Market by taxi

Getting to Chatuchak Market by Taxi is simple but sometimes an expensive journey for tourists. Here are our tips.

Go by the metre

If you can, this is the best option. Licensed Bangkok Taxis are very fairly priced if you go by the metre. The metres are capped at a singular rate which is the same for all taxis and means you get a standard fare for travelling to the market regardless of who drives you.

Depending on the length of the journey, this is possible. If the journey is too short or long, the taxi drivers may refuse to go the metre and insist on a flat rate. If you can’t find any cab to take you by the metre then it’s up to your bartering skills to get you there. Check out our How to barter at Chatuchak Market for more tips.

Speak a little Thai

If you’re reading this, chances are you don’t speak Thai. That’s okay, no one is expecting you to be an expert! If you can get to grips with the basics this should suffice. Check out our How to speak basic Thai page to give you a better understanding.

Go via toll if you can

Have you noticed the Bangkok traffic is chaotic? Well, there is one way you can get around this, by paying to travel on a toll road. If you are situated close to one (Ask the Taxi driver) it could save you 30 mins to an hour on your journey. As the customer, you will have to pay the toll but it shouldn’t stretch too much more than 100 Baht. So for potentially an hour of your time, it is well worth doing.

Take down the drivers information

If you lose something or want to report a complaint, you’ll be glad you took this down. There are thousands of cabs in Bangkok so finding the cab where you were last in can be nearly impossible so remember to take down the drivers information. This can be found on a metal plate either in the back of the cab or next to the metre at the front. Do this to be better safe than sorry!

Tip Tip Tip

If the driver does a good job, reward him. If he does it on the metre be grateful and tip around 15/20%. He may offer to pick you up later for the price you got there later on if you are willing to express your satisfaction with the job they did through a tip.

So there are some points on getting to Chatuchak Weekend Market by Taxi! For more ways and further Taxi tips to get to Chatuchak Market, swing by our How to get there page.