Getting the best out of Chatuchak Market

The Thailand sun can easily get you hot and bothered when walking around the 15,000+ stalls found at Chatuchak Market, especially if you are visiting for the first time. So to better your experience, we’ve come up with a few tips you should know before heading to the biggest weekend market in the world.

Get there early

You can expect it to be very hot and humid throughout the day all around Thailand. If you want to avoid the heat it would be advisable for you to get there in the morning. The market opens at 9am on Saturdays and Sundays so you will be able to get around some of the stalls before the big rush of people that arrive at midday.

Wear appropriate clothing

Remember you will do a lot of walking so wear shoes that you are comfortable in. Make sure you dress in light clothing, as even in the morning, it can still get very hot. Though you should also be sure to cover yourself appropriately; Thai people often find it disrespectful if you walk around in small items (such as bikinis or swim shorts) so wear at least a vest or t-shirt and shorts. And don’t forget to make sure you wear plenty of sunscreen to protect yourself from the hot Asian sun.

Hydrate and stop for breaks

Walking around for hours on end can be too much for the average shopper especially in 30°c heat. So stop for regular water breaks and rest so you can continue to enjoy your market adventure. There are plenty of stalls to buy drinks inside and most have seating. If you are hungry, stop for a bite to eat at the food stalls around the back of the market. There is a wide variety of food for sale and there are seats in the shade for you to sit and relax.

Visit the art section

The art stalls at Chatuchak are incredible. The art is unique and the artists come from around the globe just to be at the market. If you are just browsing or looking for a centrepiece for your home, you will not be let down by the variety of talent on display. Some artists create their work while they are at the stalls so it can be interesting watching the step by step process. The majority of the art section is also in the shade so it is the perfect hideaway during the middle of the day when the larger groups of people start to arrive on tour buses.

Go deeper, it gets cheaper

This is a good rule for markets in general. Many stalls sell similar products so if you are looking for something like an iPhone case or a standard t-shirt, you can get a cheaper deal if you go hunting five rows back. Remember that many tourists just see the outskirts which means many stalls in the front row get the majority of the sales. Dive a little deeper and it will reward you with better prices and a greater understanding of the market.

So now you have a few pointers to get you started on your journey to Chatuchak Market. If you have any more questions head over to our FAQ for more information.