Getting to Chatuchak Market


One way of getting to Chatuchak is by Skytrain (BTS). The Skytrain runs throughout Bangkok and you are able to get on and off, but make sure to jump back off at (N8) Mo Chit Station (Sukhumvit Line). From here, if you take exit no. 1 when leaving the station, you will eventually come across rows and rows of canvas stalls. Keep following the crowds until you come across a small entrance this is the clothing section of Bangkok Market. From here, you can start making your way through the market using our interactive map.


Travelling to JJ Market by Skytrain is by far the best and easiest method of transport, but there are certain parts of Bangkok that the BTS does not run through. One area many tourists choose to stay is on Khao San Road. If you choose to stay there and want to visit Chatuchak, you need to catch either bus number 524 or 3. Unfortunately, there are no available bus timetables so we would advise asking locals where the best place to wait for the bus.

Bus fares cost as little as 20 Baht, and certain buses are free, so you be lucky. The journey from the Khao San area can take anywhere between 30-60 minutes dependent upon the chaotic Bangkok traffic.


Travelling by taxi in Bangkok is by far the easiest and stress-free. However, it is the most expensive way of getting around. Many tourist destinations in Bangkok are crowded with taxis and are readily available.

Here are some our tips when using taxis in Bangkok:

  • Vacant taxis are usually signalled by a lit red ‘vacant’ sign on the front windscreen.
  • Nearly all Taxis in Bangkok are now on a meter, and so beware of drivers who do not want to charge you on the meter. Although rare, do not pay over the odds for your fare. It is often a good idea to check with your hotel concierge, Guest House or B&B how much roughly the journey will cost beforehand.
  • Although tipping the driver is not common practice, it is relatively common for customers to round the fare up to the nearest 5 or 10 Baht.
  • Only use a taxi when you know your final destination. They are not tour guides, and you don't want to fall victim of a taxi driver turned tour guide who wants to scam you. There are some taxi drivers in Bangkok that have links with arts and crafts, jewellery, silk and tailors shops and will try to take you to these places, so be firm with them and tell them your desired destination.


The Mass Rapid Transit network (MRT) is Bangkok’s subway system. With 18 stops stretching around 20km across Bangkok, it is another very easy method of transport when planning your trip to Chatuchak Market.

If you want to visit the market, jump off at Kampaengphet as opposed to Chatuchak Park, as you will find it a shorter walk.

Tuk Tuk

Travelling by the three-wheeled, open aired motorcycle taxi known as the Tuk Tuk isn't exactly the most comfortable experience, but perfectly fine for short distances such as JJ Market. Before stepping into a Tuk Tuk make sure you agree on a price with the driver, otherwise you could be paying more than a taxi ride.

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