Four best eats at JJ Green

JJ Green

25th August 2017

Four best eats at JJ Green

Looking for some kickass food at JJ Green? Well, we’re here to help you out! Here’s our list of the best places to eat at the Bangkok Night Market!

Baby Pizza


Situated next to the entrance of JJ Green, Baby Pizza is very popular in the market. They do what they do best. Pizza. From a Margarita to a Tom Yung Kung pizza, they really cover all the bases with their authentic Italian food. A full Pizzas cost around 100 Baht which is a bargain! So make sure you grab some on your next trip!

Bbao Bbao


Looking for something a little sweeter? Bbao Bbao is an ice cream parlour in JJ Green. They serve up delicious treats fresh every day. Bbao Bbao also gives out toppings of your choice to put on your ice cream so you can get your dessert just right.

Photo Credit: Bbao Bbao Facebook

King Prawn


This is one of our favourites. King Prawn is the place to go when looking for seafood. The seafood is generally served with a mixture of vegetables and rice on your table. It is a very social restaurant so head there with some friends to check it out!

Photo Credit: King Prawn Facebook

Coco JJ


Coco JJ is the original place to grab coconut ice-cream in Bangkok and it should not be missed. Since opening in 2008, the pop-up stand has grown in popularity within Chatuchak Weekend Market and JJ Green. The ice cream is served in a hollowed out coconut and has various different toppings to try such as peanuts and Coco Jelly.

Need to know more about JJ Green? Head over to our Visitors Guide for more information!

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