Chatuchak Market to provide free Wi-Fi

Mlabs Systems have teamed up with Chatuchak Market to provide easy access Wi-fi for guests and store holders at the market. 

The operation began in 2016 when Mlabs signed a five-year concession with the owners of the market, the State of the Railway Thailand to provide Wi-fi. An Internet service is now available at the market but with additional funding, shoppers will be able to video chat and live stream events to all around the World.  

Chatuchak Market in 2017

Since the 1980's Chatuchak Market has grown from a small city marketplace to the largest weekend market in the World. But what does JJ Market look like now? 

Four best eats at JJ Green

Looking for some kickass food at JJ Green? Well, we’re here to help you out! Here’s our list of the best places to eat at the Bangkok Night Market!

Nightlife at JJ Green

Looking for good music, drinks and bars? You can find this all at JJ Green!

JJ Green offers numerous edgy bars that will have you dancing the night away with a few beers. The JJ night market is seemingly always packed especially over the weekend with many tourists and locals swinging by for a drink after visiting Chatuchak Weekend Market. The bars are situated next to the food court in the heart of JJ Green so you can grab something to eat if you’re feeling peckish.

Chatuchak Market on TripAdvisor

Did you know that Chatuchak Market is on Tripadvisor? Well, people from around the World have been having their say on the World's largest Weekend Market.

Sections at Chatuchak Market

With Chatuchak Market spreading across 25 acres and 15,000 stalls, organisers have separated the market into sections for the convenience of tourists and store holders alike.

Antiques at Chatuchak Market

Antiques are one of Chatuchak Market's popular items within the marketplace. There are thousands of stalls and items to purchase for you to enjoy back home or in the workplace.

Best Western set for Chatuchak Market in 2020

Best Western have agreed on a deal with Chatuchak Market to build a new hotel by 2020.

Getting to Chatuchak Market by Bus

Looking for the cheapest way to get to Chatuchak Market? Well, making the journey by bus is your best option with trips costing only 20 Baht. 

Or Tor Kor Market named fourth in World's Freshest Markets

Or Tor Kor Market, situated opposite Chatuchak Weekend Market, has been named as the fourth freshest market in the World by CNN.

Top Airbnb apartments at Chatuchak Market

With Airbnb's soaring popularity, hotels have become a thing of the past. But what are the best Airbnbs around Chatuchak Weekend Market? 

Dusit International reveal new plans to open Chatuchak Market’s first hotel

Thai-hospitality business, Dusit International, have made a recent agreement with Dhanasansombut Development to become management of the upcoming hotel which will be located in the heart of Chatuchak Market.

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